Club Announcement to all NSEFC Members & Supporters

For those attending tomorrow’s game at B.T. Connor Reserve – PLFC vs NSEFC, there will be a designated viewing area reserved for NSEFC members, supporters and associates.

So please look out for and obey all instructions received from Club officials upon entry to the ground as they will guide you to the allocated area. Access to the grandstand area will NOT be permitted under any circumstances, therefore we strongly encourage that fans adequately prepare for showers/rain which has been forecast for this Sunday.

Furthermore, we would also like to take this opportunity to kindly remind all NSEFC members, supporters and associates to be mindful of your conduct, with the understanding that along with the players, coaching staff and officials YOU are also representing our great club.

As is the case at all home & away games, we greatly appreciate your passionate support and barracking of the team; however we need to contain our support within the FFV’s spectator code of behavior at all times. To this end, we ask all NSEFC supporters to take a few minutes to click on the link provided, read through and understand all the points listed.

Spectator Code of Behaviour <click here to read>

Should any behavior be deemed anti-social by designated club officials, offender(s) will be dealt with in accordance with the NSEFC zero tolerance policy.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and on-going support.

NSEFC Committee Board.