NSEFC Club Vision

THE VISION One year ends and another one is about to begin bringing exciting times and new challenges . In the last three years we have gone forward as a football club, so to continue our next stage of progress we are looking at further improvement and continual development and planning .

We start all this with the vision of NSEFC which is to provide a soccer organization committed to promoting and providing a high quality football experience for participants of all ages , abilities , male and female , by offering both recreational and highly competitive team opportunities.This commitment is accomplished through an organization of volunteers and qualified coaches, teaching the principles of football excellence, sportsmanship, athletic skills, team spirit, character, perseverance, confidence and social interaction. The ideals of enjoyment, fair play, safety, integrity and honor will be emphasized and will be an integral part of football play organized by NSEFC and by members participating on our teams. We will provide age and ability appropriate competition as recommended by FFA.

In addition we will provide football educational opportunities and a structured organization to enable every member to achieve their personal goals . To bring our vision to fruition we are working on strong structure at Committee level with good admin continuing with everyone having clear tasks and efficient execution of required jobs , and the football department will focus on implementation of FFA criteria throughout our club structure .

The Football Department will work on developing coaching and playing philosophy and to insure proper running of the program we will endeavor to keep high standard by looking to have certified coaches and the coaches that have been at the club to help them get certified and keep up with FFA standard of certification requirements. Football Department insures quality of the football program provides the best possible standard for each player to achieve at their required standard.

Our football program has four training phases:

  1. Discovery Phase 5 – 9
  2. Skill Acquisition Phase 9 – 13
  3. Game Training Phase 13 – 16
  4. Performance Phase 16 – 20