Junior Selection Policy


Our commitment

We believe that junior sport should be safe, enjoyable, inclusive and maximise individual participation. NSESC acknowledges that positive experiences in junior competition will contribute to children developing a lifelong love of sport.

What we will do

  • Emphasise to coaches and parents that junior sport is about participation, not competition.
  • Modify rules and equipment where possible to include children and young people of all abilities and encourage their participation (if our sport offers modifications).
  • Try to match junior players with others of their own ability (e.g. if there are enough players, havetwo teams in an age division).
  • Provide junior players with a broad range of experiences (e.g. participating in different positions).
  • Provide equal playing time for all juniors, regardless of their ability.
  • Consider boys and girls under 12 years of age playing on the same team, particularly if a team could not otherwise be fielded and rules have been modified.
  • Ensure that all team members play in the finals.

What we ask you to do


  • Focus on promoting participation, not winning and losing.
  • Ensure all team members have the chance to play, rotate through positions and receive equal playing time.
  • If you coach your own children, treat them like all other team members (e.g. rotations, playing time or participation).


  • Help out the coach where possible at training and games.
  • Focus on your child’s effort and performance, not the score.
  • Encourage your child and other team members.
  • Respect the selection decisions of the coach.
I, _______________________ have read and understood the policy and will abide by it as a member of the North Sunshine Eagles SC.



If under 18 years of age, parent/guardian:



< Print a hard copy, and be sure to add your name, date and sign. Please hand this document into the NSESC Office, Larissa Reserve, Larissa Rd, St Albans. >