FFA Player Registration

2020 NSEFC Junior Player Registration Process.
Football Victoria, in association with FFA, have developed a new player database system. With this new system, the player on-boarding process has also changed.
The below steps are a guide to help you navigate through the new process; in particular each player will require their own unique email address which will be used as their login (the FFA player ID was previously used as the player login).
If you are new to the game and not been registered before, select New to Football? /  Find your Club Now.
  • Step 3: Find your team by selecting your appropriate age group and defined by the Club.
  • Step 4: Where it asks you to type Find a place to participate, type North Sunshine Eagles SC
  • Step 5: Make sure North Sunshine Eagles SC is noted at the top of the screen. If so, begin your player registration by clicking on Start My Registration.
  • Step 6: You’ll now be in a new Welcome screen, where you’ll click on Get Started. Be sure to have the players’ passport-like photo ready for upload!
  • Step 7: Every new player will need to create a new account registration for 2020. So from the Create your Football Account page, scroll down and begin entering the player details: first name, last name, email address (has to be unique to each player), password and date-of-birth. Tick the I have read and accept the terms and conditions and select REGISTER.
  • Step 7: The system will request that you verify the player email address by sending you a verification code. Copy the code from your email address and type it in the entry window and press continue.
  • Step 8: The system will now ask you to type in your password, as per step 7 above.
  • Step 9: Read over the details carefully, to ensure the correct details are on the screen; i.e. I am registering myself (Player Name). Press continue to go to the next step.
  • Step 10: Read over the basic participant details screen and click on search.
  • Step 11: In the Product Select screen, for role select player; for football type select Club Football, and for Playing Level select Community.
  • Step 12: Depending on your age, there should be a package for your age group, where it will show a blue Select button. Click on the appropriate select button.
  • Step 13: All the product details will be displayed on the screen. Press continue to proceed to the next screen.
2020 Club registration fees are as follows:
    • Under 7’s to 12’s $550.00 
    • Under 13’s to 16’s $650.00
**Please note that NO REFUNDS will be available once registration has been accepted and apparel order has been placed.
  • Step 14: In the Participant Details screen, complete all mandatory fields – they are marked with an asterix *.
  • Step 15: Upload the player photo, must be in JPG or PNG format; and press continue.
  • Step 16: The next screen, International Transfer Certificate, will not be required for any juniors, so just select Yes when asked “Was Your Last Registration to an Affiliated Football(Soccer) Club in Australia?* and press Continue.
  • Step 17: Read over all the details in the Review Your Order screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click I have read and agree to comply with the Terms & Conditions. If the person being registered is under 18, I confirm that I am their parent/legal guardian.
  • Step 18: For full payment, go to the Pay Online and process payment with your credit card. For those wishing to pay off-line – at the Club – can do so; so long as the Team Manager or Head of the Junior Football Department (Moe Bekir) has been informed and aware of this.
Note: Parents awaiting council In2Sport subsidies will need to pay at the Club. Payment plan will be supported, so long as an arrangement has been agreed to by the Club, Azmi Demiri (Junisors’), ahead of time.
* Brimbank In2Sport details: <click here>
* Brinkbank In2Sport online registration form: <click here>
  • Step 19: Last step in this process is to complete the registration by clicking on Finished Registration.
  • Step 20: If you chose to pay at the Club, you will receive an Invoice via email which you’ll need to present at the junior player registration day.
As always, if you have any questions just call Azmi Demiri on 0408 103 005 or email juniors@nsefc.com.au