Head Coach Confirmed for 2017

Following the recent spate of Club announcements, it is with great pleasure that we formally confirm Benny (Ben) Isai as NSEFC Head Coach for the 2017 season (his second year at the helm).

At the completion of this season, the football department undertook its customary comprehensive review. With the unenviable challenges the Club endured and the success scorecard for 2016 resulting in 16 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses; NSEFC are confident that Ben Isai is the perfect appointment to head the senior coaching role for 2017.

Ben accepted the senior head coaching role during the 2016 pre-season and as we expected, he not only satisfied all that was required but in fact executed beyond the Club’s expectations; delivering the most successful results the club has seen for many years. With a great connection and intimate knowledge of the current and exciting playing group, who will only continue to improve under his leadership and direction.

Early in 2016 the club faced many difficult challenges. The need for a senior coach, the suspension of centre back Besnik Kutleshi, a deduction of 12 points before the season had kicked off and the redevelopment of Larissa Reserve resulting in eleven straight away games. With all of these challenges, Ben took charge of the senior coaching role with an unwavering commitment bolstered with unrivalled passion; qualities he has shown at NSEFC for over fifteen years as one of our most talented and loyal players. Ben has seen the club through everything, from relegation to promotion, but more importantly has stuck by the club and has played an enormous part in the development of the football program and brand that NSEFC has set as goals on its path to its ultimate destination.

NPL is our target and we believe Ben is the man to steer us in the right direction to achieve this. Ben is already working on season 2017 and his plans are well in advance. We don’t have to look further to see how serious his vision for the club is as we have seen him involved in attracting and keeping all our existing players and more recently the club’s recent signing of Shane Rexhepi from NPL club Hume City. He is committed and working hard to achieve the Clubs NPL ambition.

NSEFC in conjunction with Ben are working to put together a coaching panel, including the return of Besnik Kutleshi which will strengthen the Clubs focus on building a football brand that delivers success, entertainment and enjoyment to its members.

We will announce those appointments in due course. We thank all the loyal members and supporters for your continued support and look forward to seeing you in season 2017.



Tony Gashi
(Technical Director of Football Operations)